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Our philosophie :

We have chosen to use only fresh products and to put only these on the menu. Our menu is therefore restrained. Everything is home made, and we hope that you will feel at home.

There’s no set menu, everyone can choose what ever they feel like eating. A set menu often obliges you to order more than you want because it is cheaper, but often you do not eat it all… and then food is wasted… For us it’s very important not to waste food in a world where people don’t eat every day.
Everything, we serve is made in house, bread, pasta and puddings.

We invite you to take note of the specialities of the house:
Starters : we propose a Lentil salad with Argan oil dressing or a Vegetable soup Moroccan style, ainsi que different Moroccan Salad decorated with cumin.

With regard to the main courses we suggest, amongst others

• Fish Pastilla and Chicken Pastilla. Pastilla, it’s a very traditional dish. It’s layers of very fine pastry (brick pastry). In between the layers they put different fillings sometimes fish and sea food (fish Pastilla) or it could be chicken with almonds(Chicken Pastilla).
• Vegetables stuffed with fish-kefta or meat kefta
• Only on Monday, a Royal Couscous with camel meat
• Home made Pasta with Argan oil, or with Prawns and other accompaniments
• Vegetable gratin with aubergine, tomato and cheese

Depending on the market, you will be able to discover various Moroccan dishes containing fish or of meat, always accompanied by vegetables.
For desserts, you will be able to try our chocolat dessert with spices, home made Yoghurt, as well as fruit mousse with Moroccan pastry.

We offer a range of Moroccan pastry created by Féminine association el. Khir (AFBK) of Essaouira because they represent our own code of ethics.

Association AFBK works to help the underprivileged Moroccan woman in acquiring a degree of autonomy, and thus with this rationale it has developed through the association an integrated approach with which to help woman, which combines and promotes many activities and skills including adult literacy and numeracy and researching and finding outlets for the many product ranges they have developed..

You can consult their Internet site :