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How us to discover

We discovered Morocco in 2001, during a family holiday. We felt good as soon as we set foot on the African continent. We continued to travel through Senegal and Burkina Faso, and we always felt happy amongst these welcoming, warm, and smiling peoples. The discovery of this continent, led us to leave our gilded cage in France and to set up home in Morocco.

In France, we were employees, one working in a bank, the other working for the Ministry of agriculture and environment. Both with steady jobs, a house, two cars, for many a dream life. But all that did not make us happy… We wanted to be incharge of our own destiny, to build something together, to live without stress… to live our life quite simply. These simple reflexion of us as a couple led us to open our little restaurant.

The restaurant can accommodate 16 people inside and 10 people on the terrace. A little building we chose, with an open kitchen, allows us to take the time to chat with our customers. Spending time listening and talking with others has always been part of our philosophy. The layout of the room invites people to make contact with each other. We would like to think you could compare our restaurant to being present at a dinner party.

Why did we choose Essaouira

In Essaouira, in the medina, there are no cars so no pollution. Calm reigns, and thus , there is sweetness to life. The temperature is the same all year round. The Souiris are welcoming and warm. After some years of being part of the working life of the town, we felt like Moroccans, we respect our adopted country and its inhabitants.